Love and Respect
March 1, 2014
Love and Respect
March 2, 2014

You Have A Choice To Make

The images that we see in the mirrors are really not what we are!

We are truly invisible Spirit of the Living God, covered with the flesh.

Our bodies as the flesh, are the hard-cover that can be seen, touch and feel. The Soul is beyond science. Failure to worship the living God; as commanded. The giver of the invisible Soul is self betrayed. There will be no cure for that in the judgement day.

The soul is God in us, He monitors what we think, says and do. Our souls have their individual identifications before God. God is invisible, Our Souls are invisible.


Too much attention must not be given to the flesh at the expense of the Soul Math 6:33 ” Seek yee first the kingdom of God….” In other words, ‘Seek yee first a permanent home for your soul while still alive.

Do not make your Soul to be an outcast because of your love for vanity. Mark 8:36. “For what shall it profit a man….”

Some already mortgaged their Souls for fleshly means. Going gown the satanic way of gathering wealth, which they may not live to enjoy.

Jesus is calling: the call to Salvation; Satan is calling: the call to destruction.

The choice is yours.

Do not neglect your Soul for any reason. Listen to the call of the good Shepherd.

May the grace of the Lord continue to abide with us and in us in Jesus Name.

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