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February 26, 2014
The Faithful God
February 28, 2014

Christian Responsibilities

Christ Beloved,

Our mission as christians is to worship and obey God. Eternal salvation is our main goal. The only door to eternity is jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Frankly, if we have an idea of what is awaiting each and every soul after departing this world, we will sop the complaints and focus on our mission worshiping the living God.

Any reason of not been able to answer the call to worship and keep the sabbath as the holy of the Lord as commanded is no excuse.

Any soul that fails to acknowledge Jesus Christ as the true son of God and also fails to accept Him as personal Lord and Savior is doom and its on awaiting trial.

Some that deceive is the prosecutor of every deceived soul.

A Gods Anointed, let us buckle up and live up to our responsibilities.

May the power of His resurrection continue leading us aright in Jesus name.


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